She could have laid this world to waste...

...maybe she still will.

Elizabeth [ killed amanda palmer ]
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...the heart has it's reasons of which reason knows nothing...

Elizabeth. Twenty-five. Writer. INFJ. Enneagram Type Five.

I believe in life, I believe in absolutes, I believe that the power of laughter extends far beyond it's medicinal qualities. I believe that we are, all of us, human, and therefore deserve equal, non-preferential treatment. I believe in the kindness of strangers. I believe that compassion is a matter of great strength, that knowledge - not unlike love - casts out fear, and that a great many of mankind's problems can be attributed to loneliness and ignorance.

I believe that we are lucky to have the internet, for it brings us together in a way that no other invention ever has. I believe that we are unlucky to have the internet, for people are forgetting what it means to actually connect with another human being, and until we resolve the conundrum, our relationship with advancement will be wrought with problems and inconsistencies. I believe that music is the key that unlocks us, that art is immortal, and that syntax and language hold more power than anyone cares to admit.

I believe in the power of potential, in the spirit of those who refuse to give up, and in the unrelenting beauty of those who see possibilities instead of problems. I believe that time is unpredictable and non-linear, I believe that, as humans, we know even less than we think we do, and that every idea that ever was or ever will be is already there, waiting to be plucked up by the right mind. I believe in the beauty of life, the humor of absurdity, and the deep, deep power of love that is unfettered by jealousy and sex. I believe that we should enjoy our vices as long as we are not controlled by them. I believe that friendships should be meaningful and irreplaceable, that honesty is freedom, and that we should dream great dreams and be grounded enough to obtain them.

I believe that everyone should be allowed their beliefs, identities, sexualities, quirks, eccentricities, and realities insofar as those things do not bring harm to another living being, and that those who choose to harm others should not be tolerated. I believe that if everyone understood kindness, compassion, and love for what they truly are, the world would start to make some sense. I believe in humor, I believe in beauty, and I believe that the two are far from being mutually exclusive.

"If someone thinks that love and peace is a cliche that must have been left behind in the Sixties, that's his problem. Love and peace are eternal."